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Leagoo KIICAA MIX: a bezel-less smartphone for the budget-minded (Review)

We’ve seen some intriguing smartphone innovations for the past year, but if there’s one product that attracted the attention of customers from across the globe, it would be the original Xioami Mi MIX. The 6.4-inch phablet is basically responsible for starting the bezel-less trend which you see today spread across most Android OEMs. Since the […]

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BLU S1: First Impressions

The BLU S1 has gone official today in stores, but I’ve been fortunate to have had the last two weeks with the device. Since I intend to cover the device in-depth in an official review at a later time, my goal here is to give you some idea of what to expect when you get […]

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Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2 early impressions

It must be fall again. We’re in that all-important time of year where the big companies trot out their brightest and best, hoping to steal your attention and money. The Google Pixel 2 and its larger counterpart, the Google Pixel XL 2, are now available. The question du jour is, “What’s your opinion of the Pixel […]

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BLU VIVO 8L Smartphone Review

Just a couple months ago we took a look at the BLU VIVO 8, which garnered our praise for performing so well at such an affordable price. BLU has been in the budget smartphone game for quite some time now and it definitely shows. Coupled with the fact that you can readily pick one up at […]

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Android One Motorola Moto X4 review

In the market for a stock Android smartphone that’s sexy, semi-formidable, and feature-rich but don’t want to drop Pixel money? Consider the Android One Moto X4.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Review

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is the best rugged phone you’ll find on the market. Sure, there aren’t that many of them available; however, the Active line time and again rises to the top. The 2017 iteration is not only among the best in rugged and durable phones, but it’s also one of the most […]

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HTC’s U11 offers a disappointing overall package with a few very bright spots (Review)

Display Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a modern smartphone is the display – in a world of shrinking bezels and 6″ phablets, phone real estate is dominated by the display. As such, OEM’s are striving to find ways to use the display to separate their phones from the competition, often in the form of […]

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The Xiaomi Mi 6 review: A true budget flagship phone

If you’re subscribed to any of the big tech YouTube channels or pay attention to phone reviews, you probably already know how good the Xiaomi Mi 6 is. It’s been the darling of the tech community since its release earlier this year. But, if you’re a casual consumer, do you even know it exists? The […]

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24 hours with the LG V30 (first impressions)

LG is having a killer year. After the disaster that was the LG G5, in the past 12 months, LG has released two of the best phones on the market today, the V20 and G6. Now, we’re getting our first hands on to the LG V30, the third phone in a row to blow us […]

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BLU Vivo 8 (review)

BLU is one of the most prevalent smartphone manufacturers on the planet right now. While most of the devices BLU creates are quite niche and not big-time sellers, there’s enough variety to cover all types of customer needs. BLU’s Vivo line is generally considered among the premium lineup even though the specs and price aren’t in […]

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