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BLU S1: First Impressions

The BLU S1 has gone official today in stores, but I’ve been fortunate to have had the last two weeks with the device. Since I intend to cover the device in-depth in an official review at a later time, my goal here is to give you some idea of what to expect when you get […]

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OnePlus 5 too expensive? Check out this $180 BLU lookalike

Like the OnePlus 5, but you’re not really sure you want to spend $479+ on the device? Even if you would, the OnePlus 5 is out of stock on the company’s official website in the United States, which means the OnePlus 5T is probably incoming in a few weeks and it’s probably going to be […]

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BLU finally made a phone that supports Sprint’s network

US smartphone maker BLU appears to have a new smartphone in the pipeline which will mark a first for the company. The device is called the BLU S1 and it could be the first handset produced by the company to be compatible with Sprint’s CDMA network. The product appears listed on the carrier’s BYOD (bring […]

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