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How to easily fake your location, without rooting your Android

Your Android device tracks your location to help you with things like navigation, but there are times when users might want to fake their GPS location. Maybe you want to access an app or a service which is not currently available in your area/country. Well you can do that by tricking your Android into thinking […]

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Amazon’s Prime Video app for Android TV lands in the Play Store, but there’s a catch

It’s no secret that Amazon and Google have been at each other’s throats lately. Not so long ago Google blocked YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show (it restored access a few weeks later and then pulled it again) and Amazon stopped selling Google products, although this has changed as of late. Anyway, it seems the […]

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How to hide photos on Instagram (without deleting them)

There are many reasons why you might want to delete a photo from Instagram. Maybe you don’t want to be reminded of that awesome holiday you took with your ex, or you’ve come to realize that pic you were so very proud at 2 am in the morning actually looks pretty horrible. But that doesn’t […]

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YouTube TV app goes live for your Android TV and Xbox

Back in April, Google officially launched its entry into the streaming of live TV, with YouTube TV. The service lets users access live and recorded content from major networks typically found on cable, so it’s great option for cord cutters. However, YouTube TV suffered from one major flaw – it offered no elegant way to […]

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Data-saving Facebook Messenger Lite is now available for Android users in the US

Facebook’s data-saving Messenger Lite alternative was so far available for users in developing countries. Well this week, the social media giant is expanding the availability of the app to Western markets such as the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK. Messenger Lite basically offers the same features as the standard versions, but eliminates data draining […]

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Battery Bar turns checking your phone’s battery into a colorful experience (Review)

Overview: As a smartphone user, you probably check your device’s battery levels at least a few times a day. After all, you want to make sure you have enough juice to be able to play a game while you’re waiting for the subway to take you home from work, right? But what if I told […]

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Sparkle turns your smartphone into fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are simple little devices that do pretty much one thing – they spin. Yet, people across the world are scrambling to get their hands on one. However, in the age of Angry Birds and Pokemon Go, this toy is surprisingly low tech. But it doesn’t have to be. Now you can turn your […]

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Nox App Player – an easy-to-use Android emulator packed with features (Review)

Overview: Ever wanted to play your favorite Android games on a bigger screen? Well, thanks to Android emulators like BlueStack or Droid4X now you can. But today we’re going to talk about, the Nox App Player which is another, relatively new Android emulator (simulator) that packs an extensive host of handy features and a clean […]

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Google will soon stop sending targeted ads to your Gmail account

Good news Gmail users! Google will stop reading your emails with the purpose of delivering target ads. The practice has been employed ever since 2014, when Google first launched its popular email client. But after receiving numerous criticism on the matter, Google finally announced it will soon stop scanning users’ correspondence. The decision – made […]

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Stay safe with Legitifi, the first social identity verification app

With the spread of mobile technology, it’s become much easier for people to satisfy their need for social interaction and human companionship virtually. Want to go out on a date? There’s an app for that. Need someone to watch your kid? You can easily find a babysitter online. But before you welcome these people into […]

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