Involve Everyone During Group Job Interviews

Sometimes, more info you’ll find that job interviews consist of multiple members of the company asking you questions. Even if one interviewer does most of the talking, consider asking the quieter interviewer to speak up.

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Samer Zayer has continuously blown me away with his work. Every single pixel he puts out into the public is as perfect as my eye can see. He can make styles that I loath entirely become one of my favorite things in the world thanks to his attention to detail and eye for digital design. Samer did not disappoint. His latest work is an icon pack titled Arus.


Arus was carefully designed to have a nice appealing look to them. The design is almost of the flat nature, except there is a certain look to each icon that I can’t quite explain making it more inviting to tap, yet not to much to where it feels cheap.


The colors palette that Samer has used leaves the icons feeling soft yet vibrant. The colors aren’t the only thing that make these icons stand out. The shape of this icons aids in making these just that much more unique.


Arus contains neither a square nor a  circle. There are four distinct sides, but they aren’t completely flat. Each side has a slight curve outwards making them more appealing than square icons as a single icon and they fit better together than circle icons.market2

Not only does Samer make amazing icon packs, but his walls are among the best. Included with Arus is currently 10 amazing walls that will look great with any set up! If you enjoy the included walls, you can get more by Samer on his Google Plus page or buy his wallpaper app, Wolz.


With 1300+ icons and a nice and easy to use request feature, you can’t really go wrong. Most of your icons will already be themed and you can request that Samer complete your unthemed icons with a couple of taps. For $1.49 Arus is a great buy, but it is on sale for $0.99! Grab it now before the sale ends!


Don’t forget to check out his other work on the Play Store while you are at it!


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