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Google readying Chromecast Ultra with Android TV, report indicates

Google is working on a successor to its Chromecast Ultra which will be based on Android TV, according to a 9to5google report.

The device, which is said to go by the code name of “Sabrina”, is expected to support 4K HDR content as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

As is the case with the current Chromecast Ultra, the second-gen model will be a dongle that plugs directly into TV. Unlike the one available today, the new one should be paired with an external remote.

The remote control is reported to have a microphone, dedicated Google Assistant button, and support pairing to TVs. Naturally, the remote will also be used to navigate Android TV experience.

According to the source of the report, the forthcoming device will closely resemble the 3rd generation Chromecast but with a softer, more round finish.

This will mark the first time Google has offered up hardware for its Android TV experience in the form of a dongle.

With Google I/O cancelled, it’s hard to say exactly how or when Google might introduce the new device.

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You can get $15 off Google Home if you pair it with a Chromecast purchase

Didn’t manage to take advantage of any of the sweet Valentine Day’s deals? Not to worry. Google has something for you, if you have some money to spend. Until February 25, customers who are picking up a Google Home connected speaker will be able to save $15 if they pair the device with a Chromecast, […]

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Google adds 4K movies to Play Store

The wait for 4K media on the Play Store is finally over! Earlier today, Google announced that it has begun offering a selection of 4K Ultra HD movies on the Google Play Store> Google says that all the 4K content will be using their proprietary encoding format, VP9, for the highest quality video viewing experience.

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You can now pre-order Daydream View VR and Chromecast Ultra

Good news! The Chromecast Ultra and Daydream View headset are finally available in the Google Store. These devices were launched at Google’s October event along with Pixel. Interested customers can pre-order the Daydream VR headset for $79, for sale which is cheaper than other VR headsets like the Gear VR ($99) and HTC Vive ($799). Google’s headset only works

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A peek at the Chromecast Ultra: Goodbye, Chrome logo

Google’s event on October 4th is shaping up to be quite the show. Along with the debut of the Pixel and Pixel XL, pill rumors are pointing to the launch of Google Home as well as an updated Chromecast dubbed the Chromecast Ultra. Unlike the standard Chromecast, the Ultra will stream 4K video and some have

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