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Samsung’s record profits, new Mate 20 renders, and other news worth knowing

Welcome to In Brief, the AndroidGuys tech briefing. Today is Friday, October 5th, and we’re taking a look at all the tech news you need to know. In this post, we want you to learn about the news the way you want to learn. We’ve embedded a podcast version of all this news below. If you don’t want to listen, you can read just like you normally would.

In today’s edition, Google News gets a new Dark Mode, while renders for the Moto G7 and Mate 20 show off upcoming devices. Additionally, Samsung shares it will post a record-breaking quarter for Q3 2018, and more.

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Dark Mode comes to Google News

When it comes to getting your news, it’s important to have a good app to keep yourself up to date. Google News launched back in May and has seen a few updates, but the latest is the most exciting.

Google has pushed an update which brings Dark Mode to the entire app. After the update has been installed, you should be able to toggle Dark Mode by heading to the Settings within the News app.

It seems that not everyone is getting the update just yet, but you can head over to the Play Store and check.

Moto G7 renders show waterdrop notch and more

The Moto G lineup of devices is one of the most popular options due to its price and slick design. We are expecting to see the Moto G7 launch in 2019, but there are new renders that show off the device.

The renders confirm that Motorola will be moving to a waterdrop notch with an 18:9 display. There are bezels at the top and the bottom with Motorola’s branding on the chin and a cut out for an earpiece speaker at the top.

On the rear of the device, the G7 will continue to include the camera bump with dual sensors. Other specs include 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 3,500mAh battery with Android Pie.

Samsung expects record-breaking profits thanks to the iPhone

Samsung has released its earnings for Q3 2018 and states it is expecting to see record profits. As for the specifics, Samsung claims that its operating profits come in around $15 billion, while its “consolidated sales” are estimated at around $57.5 billion.

Unfortunately, Samsung did not share a breakdown of where these profits and sales came from. However, the Display division is said to have seen a huge increase after providing the OLED displays for the iPhone XS and XS Max.

We will have to wait until the end of October to see exactly how Samsung performed, which includes potential sales from the Galaxy S9 lineup and Note 9.

New Mate 20 renders reveal more info on the new camera system

Huawei is set to unveil its new Mate 20 lineup at an event on October 16th. However, the company seemingly can’t stop the leaks as the Mate 20 has been revealed in another set of renders.

These renders give us a better look at the Mate 20’s triple camera setup. This setup features three cameras placed in a square, along with the flash sensor.

While some suspected Huawei might make the move to an embedded fingerprint scanner, that won’t be the case. The Mate 20 will have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner placed below the camera module.

Google Drive Material Design 2 redesign coming soon

One of the biggest announcements at I/O 2018 was a series of new tools aimed to help developers match the Material Design theme. Since then, we have seen a few of Google’s apps updated with a new theme dubbed Material Design 2.

Google Drive will seemingly be the next in line to receive the update and thanks to XDA Developers, we know what it will look like. Overall, this new interface helps to simplify the experience for users. There are also quite a few changes in store for how to interact with various areas of the application.

The update itself is already available within the latest version of Drive. However, Google has not yet started rolling it out to users just yet. We will just have to wait and see when Google will flip the switch.

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Hey, iPhone users, Samsung and LG won’t slow down your old devices

By now you’ll have heard the news that Apple purposely slows down older iPhones to reduce the CPU power to account for degraded batteries. Apple acknowledged such practices and said it was to protect against unwanted shutdowns, and not to encourage users to upgrade to the latest and greatest, faster, iPhones. Huge manufacturing companies aren’t […]

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You can now find your phone using the Google Home (even if it’s on silent)

I don’t know about you but I always forget my phone on Silent. It’s not a big deal most of the times, but if I end up misplacing it then all hell breaks loose, as my phone could end up staying hidden for days until I unwittingly stumble upon. If you’ve been through this more […]

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Apple 2017: What We Have Seen so Far and What is Still on its Way

So got the iPhone 8? Finally connected to 3g on your Apple Watch? We have the rundown on all that is and all that will be from Apple in the last part of the year.

Headlining, of course, the big news of the year was the iPhone 8 and 8+ the newest member of the iPhone lineup.

The iPhone 8 was the next best thing for apple. With a dual camera on the 8+ better features, stronger glass, and faster processors than any phone currently on the market, apple has made a real statement of product stability and confidence. The Dual Camera was the real pick up, it’s performance has outshone almost any other camera, of any flagship, to date.

It was also released with the news of it’s unreleased big brother the iPhone X. With a rounded edge screen, almost bezel-less, and noticible camera and sensor notch taken out of the top of the device Apple is sure to have a winner with this device.

With it’s super retina display, at a resolution of 2436×1135 it the highest resolution screen in a iPhone yet. It, like the 8s, will have a reenforced glass body, wireless Qi charging, and wired fast charging. It has the same a11 bionic chip and will support the new Apple Augmented reality engine, designed to provide realistic lighting and shadows to augmented content.

The new iOS 11 comes standard and brings all of the newest features to the tips of your fingers. The changes for iPhones are minimal, mainly focusing on the camera, notifications and keyboard. iPads have been completely overhauled, with things like multitasking, drag and drop, and the new Apple Pencil you can now easily do more at once, in an instant.

Speaking of things happening in an instant, that is what the new Apple Watch 3 was made to help you do, things in an instant with out the hassle of keeping your phone on you. Now with Cellular connectivity, the Apple watch give you access to Apple music, notifications, and even calls, all without your phone.

With a redesigned look and analog watch faces that could almost pass for a mechanical watch. It features GPS a and an altimeter to take workout tracking to the next level. Its also pool and Ocean Ready meaning you can talk to Mom while you make dinner and more. This a big step for Apple, with new bands, from major manufacturers, new ways to listen to your music and new ways to keep in touch Apple is really pushing the competition in the smart watch arena.

Moving on to other smart devices apple has also released the new Apple TV 4K HDR. That HDR means High Dynamic Ratio, it delivers a wider color range, darker darks and whiter whites.

It upscales and delivers a seamless Siri connected watching experience. You speak, through the new remote, and Siri delivers, making binge watching as easy as saying ‘Siri play the next episode’ it comes in 32 and 64GB variants, the later of which will set you back a cool $200usd.

And that leaves us with the product yet to be released, introducing, the HomePod. It’s a Siri based combatant for the Amazon Alexa platform and Google home. It allows you to control all of your automated systems, and thanks to airplay 2, use multiple speakers at once.

Using a six microphone array and seven tweeters, as well as high output subwoofer, the HomePod delivers bright brilliant sound, and it’s spatially aware. It maps the room your are in and adjusts the sound to fill the space you are enjoying.

And when you place two HomePods in the same room they automatically recognize each other and adjust to compemsate for their own placements to deliver superior stereo audio, literally, shaped to your space.

In accessories worth mentioning, that take advantage of apples new Incorporated technologies is Parker, the augmented reality teady bear. With no batteries, no wires and no wifi, all you need is Parker and your iPad or iPhone and watch Parker come to life, in interactive experiences that bring this bear to life like no other.

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Pi’s new charger fuels dreams of true wireless charging

Wireless charging isn’t a novel idea despite being introduced for the first time in new devices like the iPhone X. But even as the term implies than an over-the-air energy transfer between two devices is achieved in the real world you’ll have to place your phone or tablet on a charging mat. In a true […]

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Mophie intros new Powerstation USB-C XXL battery pack for USB devices

Mobile battery case company, Mophie announced a new battery pack this week, dubbed the USB-C XXL which comes equipped with both USB-C and USB-A ports, as well as support for simultaneous dual charging. The USB-C XXL was essentially designed as a portable 19,500 mAh battery for Apple’s new MacBooks and Mophie says it can supply […]

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Mophie announce the “Charge Force Case” its slimmest wireless charging case to date!

Summer is finally upon us! Alfresco coffee, parties in the park and beachside BBQ’s. I can’t think of a more perfect time to catch some amazingly sun shiningly glorious selfies, and with so many social outlets for us to pump out our mid-year memory bank to the online masses, there is one thing this summer […]

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The Best Video Player for iPhone

A long time ago, Apple made it difficult for third-party developers to make a good media player for the iPhone. Thankfully, over the years they’ve loosened their restrictions, and now you can get a really solid video player with PlayerXtreme.

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The Best Video Player for iPhone

A long time ago, Apple made it difficult for third-party developers to make a good media player for the iPhone. Thankfully, over the years they’ve loosened their restrictions, and now you can get a really solid video player with PlayerXtreme.

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Train Your Voice With This Singing App

iOS: If you want to really kill it at karaoke, approximately hitting the notes won’t be good enough. An app called Vanido can guide you through singing exercises, and show you in real time how well you’re hitting those notes.

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