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Just $18.99, this hub offers two USB ports and two power outlets

What comes to mind when you think of a good working environment? Comfortable chairs? Proper lighting? Sure, sure. What about accessible power outlets and USB ports? It seems there can never be enough, right?

If you’ve got a small office or area for studying, you know how important it is that you can sit down and get to work. Maybe you need to charge your phone, tablet, watch, or camera in the process. Whatever it is, it’s great when your environment allows for flexibility.

The Aduro URGE DUO Dual USB & Dual Surge Charging Station is the exact sort of thing that needs to be on any desk. It turns one power outlet into two, and basically moves them above the table and well within reach. Not only that, but you’ll also pick up two USB ports in the process.

Both USB ports have SmartCharge technology which detects your devices and automatically adjusts charging output to the optimal speeds and power. The heat dissipating design ensures the charger and the space around it stays nice and cool.

Surge Duo USB & Dual Surge Charging Station

  • Sleek look & design will blend in perfectly on your desktop
  • Strong electricity conductivity & great heat dissipation
  • Built-in SmartCharge for optimal device charging
  • LED light to indicate charging
  • Adopts individual control switches to separately control AC outlets & USB ports operation


Offered in two colors (white/grey, white/black), you can purchase the Aduro Surge Duo USB & Dual Surge Charging Station for just $18.99 right now. That’s 62% off its normal retail price of $49.99, and only for a limited time.

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The EcoFlow River is the biggest baddest battery around and I love it

I keep waiting around for a massive jump in battery technology. One day we’ll all look back and remember that we had to charge our phones once a day and think “what the hell were we doing?” Alright, maybe it’s not as bad as I make it out to be, but I am still waiting […]

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Gear Up: Unitek charging and productivity accessories

Do you live in a house with multiple smartphone users? Or, maybe you own a handful of devices that need charged via USB. It’s not uncommon to have a tablet, smartwatch, digital camera, Fire TV remote, phone, Kindle, etc. It isn’t hard to find yourself with more than a few things fighting for the plus […]

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UNITEK 60W 6-Port USB Smart Charging Station (review)

It’s very commonplace for me to see people who move their single port chargers with them whenever they need a charge. Most people stick with the chargers that came with their phones or tablets, sales only to be forced to swap it out when another wireless device needs power. There are only two plugs per wall

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UNITEK 60W 10-port Charging Station with QC 2.0 (review)

The number of tech gadgets I own is getting embarrassingly high. Smartphone(s), thumb tablet, smartwatch, fitness tracker, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speaker, and portable battery are some of the many portable gadgets I own. Almost all tablets and smartphones come with single port USB chargers, but many accessories do not. The solution is to use the same

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Romoss Portable Charger Station: The king of power banks has arrived (review)

We review quite a few portable power banks at AndroidGuys. Generally most portable charging solutions are rather boring, tadalafil but they’re essential for many of us as our smartphones, troche tablets and other tech gear need power beyond the typical charge. Have you ever been at the gym, a restaurant or at a coffee shop doing work/homework when

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TYLT ENERGI Charging Station review: Clean up your cords with style

These days, decease it’s typical that a household has a slew of mobile devices. So we can easily get to the point where power outlets get hogged and charging cables run amok. This is when it becomes smart to get a charging station. Fortunately, one of our favorite brands, TYLT, has just dropped one into its lineup. Let’s see if

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(Deal) Get this 6-port Charging Station for only $19.99

Let’s face it, prescription you own a lot of devices. Today it’s no longer about having that one smartphone to charge at night. No, unhealthy now we’re doing our best to keep the tablet and smartwatch charged, too. Oh, and let’s not forget about Bluetooth headphones or the devices our spouse or children have. Real talk, it’s

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[Deal] Have peace of mind while traveling with the Twist World Charging Station

If you travel quite often, here you know how frustrating it can be to make sure that you have the right charging plug for the various countries. Not every country follows the same standard of the United States, viagra sale so you’ll need to have the right charger for the right country.

When running into this issue, it can be a pain trying to find a decently priced replacement so that you can keep your devices charged. Let alone the fact that different countries have different standards. Enter the Twist World Charging Station.

Twist Charging Station

The Twist World Charging Station allows for you to charge all your devices regardless which country you are visiting. You will no longer have to be concerned with having too many chargers in your carry on, and can use the Twist World Charging Station in over 150 different countries.

  • Does away w/ the need to carry many chargers & converters on the road
  • Includes 4 USB ports to charge devices
  • Eliminates the need for multiple wall outlets to charge multiple devices
  • Features a universal AC power outlet ideal for international travel
  • Works seamlessly w/ electric outlets in over 150 countries
  • Comes w/ built-in fuse protection to ensure your devices charge safely
  • Allows for maximum portability w/ light & compact design
  • Twists for easy access to the charging port of your choice

Normally priced at $48, you can jump on this deal for the Twist World Charging Station for 27% off, at only $34.99. That’s a great deal to save yourself some headache and have some peace of mind. Keep your devices charged as you travel the world, and save some money in the process.

You can find this, and many other great tech bargains through our Deals page. Backed by StackCommerce, there are daily promos, giveaways, freebies, and much more!

AndroidGuys Deals: Twist World Charging Station

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This DIY Wooden Phone Charging Dock Looks Great on Your Desk

Smartphone docks can be pretty pricey, and many of them only really work with a few devices, or they’re built so the manufacturer can sell different models for different phones. This DIY version looks elegant and simple, uses cables you already own, and can charge whatever phone you need it to.

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